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Sandy Beach – Sept 14 2014


noRep Boardshorts presents the 2014 Hawaii Surfing Championship Results


Shortboard Division:
Kekoa Cazimero (1st Place)
Seth Moniz (2nd Place)
Edrick Baldwin (3rd Place)
Dustin Cuizon (4th Place)Kai Sallas won his fifth event in a row, including the first two noRep Boardshorts Hawaii Surfing Championship events and became the Champion for the Longboard Division. In Second Place is Nelson Ahina, who is making sure Kai’s place will be well covered and Hawaii’s Longboard Surfing will remain top level in the future.

Toes on The Nose Longboard Division:
Kai Sallas (1st Place)
Nelson Ahina (2nd Place)
Tony Moniz (3rd Place)
Edrick Baldwin (4th Place)Edrick Baldwin did a remarkable job making both Longboard and Shortboard finals.

Ala Moana Bowls Results (6/21-22)

noRep Boardshorts Men’s Shortboard Division:
1 Cole Yamakawa
2 Kainoa Haas
3 Kekoa Cazimero
4 EJ Mitsui
Toes on the Nose Longboard Division:
1 Kai Sallas
 Kapono Nahina
3 Nelson Ahina III
4 Duane Desoto
Surf Garade Team Challenge
Winning Team:
Team Hammerheads – Makua Rothman, Sage Huls, Tom Dosland
2nd Place:
Team Flashback – Love Hodel, Gavin Sutherland, Doug Silva


Winning Team
Green Hornetz:
Cole Yamakaya @Kylenyamakawa @zekelau
Women’s Shortboard Division
1 Mahina Maeda (@Mahinamaeda)
2 Bailey Nagy (@Baileynagy)
3 Missy Valdez
4 Brittany Penaroza (@britroza)
noRep Boardshorts Men’s Shortboard Division
1 Dustin Cuizon
2 Josh Moniz (@joshmoniz)
3 Isaiah Moniz (@Isaiahmoniz)
4 Randall Paulson
Toes on the Nose Longboard Division
1 Kai Sallas (@kaisallas)
2 Nelson Ahina (@braddhabing)
3 Scotty Fong (@Scottyfong)
4 Isaac Kaneshiro

Thanks for making the 2014 Hawaii Surfing Championship a success!

We’ll see you again for our 2015 event series.




All Over.


2014 was EPIC. We can't wait until 2015!